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Custom Metal Work

Custom Metal Page

custom music and fire feature
Currently under-development, our latest product "tubED" is
a fire feature that uses sound waves to electronically excite
gas molecules.  Check out the Video Here.

The pictures below are of Dr Micheal Marshall Fireplace Surrounds

CLICK on the link or the picture below to see the surrounds with the Star-Burst Pattern!

Dr Micheal Marshall fireplace surround


Click "HERE" or on the picture below to see how this was made and installed.

Rick Rogina Fireplace Surround, FireBalls, Direct Vent Conversion with FireGlass

Rick Rogina Direct Vent_____________________________________________________________________________________________


Click HERE or on the picture below to see how this was made

Green Pastures Fire Feature


Chris Tooley

from this

to this

Chris Tooley


Click HERE or on the picture below to see how this was assembled!

Black Magic, Sterling Silver Panels and Surround

John Corona Fireplace

Click below or on the picture below to see step by step makeover

Darrel Kelley Fireplace Remodel


Click HERE or on the picture to see how it was transformed to this!

Steve Clendenen

From THIS! (BELOW) again YUK!

Steve Clendenen



The next table was built for a customer in La Jolla California. The table was 30" x 60" with a 24" x 54" fire pit area. They are going to make their own granite top to overlay.

La Jolla Fire Table
La Jolla Fire Table

All metal construction and their granite cut and installed.
La Jolla Fire Table
La Jolla Fire Table


Click HERE or on the pictures of the Ritz Carlton Vortex' at Amelia Island Florida to how these were built. See the Videos!

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island Florida Vortex

Ritz Carlton Vortex Florida from Edgar Jaunzemis on Vimeo.

Ritz Carlton Vortex Page


A double stainless steel burner over a custom propane pan with a side control panel made to the same size of the bricks.

custom metal pan propane fire pit custom metal pan propane fire pit

No glass in this one, but some of our crushed lava rock with some over sized lava rocks atop.
custom metal pan propane fire pit

This clean burning propane valve system was modified to work with a timer.  A request we had gotten enough times to finally create one!

Propane Gas Valve with Time Propane Gas Valve with Time
Propane Gas Valve with Time Propane Gas Valve with Time
Propane Gas Valve with Time Propane Gas Valve with Time

Propane Gas Valve with Time

A made to order 72" by 42" fire table with a custom powder coat color.

Powder Coated Fire Pit Powder Coated Fire Pit

Natural gas Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) system.

Powder Coated Fire Pit Powder Coated Fire Pit

Lastly, a custom wind shield for his fire.  The FireGlass used was Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass.

Powder Coated Fire Pit Powder Coated Fire Pit

Powder Coated Fire Pit

Ty Havas didn't want an ordinary Propane pan for his fireplace.  He wanted a pan that would be more than functional.  So after some sketches and discussions we began making a cardboard mock up.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

He would ultimately received a Stainless Steel pan with angled legs and a 2 inch depth.  Here the cardboard mock-up along with his fireplace measurements (which you can see denoted on the cardboard piece below the mock-up) assure that we attain the correct size and appropriate design.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

The fireplace is emptied out and it becomes apparent that its in dire need of a fresh coat of paint.  And since the custom pan was built with legs, the fireplace floor will be left visible and as a result fresh tile will be added to the hearth.

custom fireplace pan Ty Havas

The fireplace re-design is complete with two custom reflective sterling silver panels on either side of the pan to give the illusion of the fireplace being larger.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

The stainless steel pan is filled 1/4" Bronze Base Glass, 1/4" Bronze Reflective Base Glass, Copper Ruby Red Topper, Yellowish Opal Orange Topper, and Red Brown Topper and a few Classic Diamonds.

Ty Havas Ty Havas

A wonderful transformation.

Ty Havas

Designed for a client in China, these pair of 48" high Vortex fires were made of brushed Aluminum.

China Vortex China Vortex

Fueled by propane and battery operated ignition with a set of remote controls.

China Vortex China Vortex

A set of 2 rear reflective panels along with a powder coated black finish, made these custom Vortex' true one of a kinds.

China Vortex China Vortex
China Vortex China Vortex
China VortexChina Vortex

Our client Rich Guerra put us to the test with this custom fireplace surround, that went above and beyond the call of duty.  As you see here the first Surround served as the base for the stone encasing - which will later demonstrate itself as very ingenious/fast/hassle free solution to getting a new fireplace design.

Rich Guerra Rich Guerra

Here is fireplace before the 1st Surround was installed with the old burner and grill removed.

Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround Rich Guerra

We apply a fresh coat Black fireplace paint and we sit and watch paint dry...

Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround

Look closely as you could miss it, but the first surround has been installed.  We then pour some crushed lava rock as filler with Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass over a double 24" indoor fireplace burner.

Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround

Now the 2nd Surround is installed, along with one 8" Dark Brown FireBall and two 6" Red FireBalls.

Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround Rich Guerra

The 2nd Surround was Steel construction with a Dark Bronze powder coat and frosted glass inlay.  Overall the installation of the Surround gave the fireplace an extra depth of 6 inches.

Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround

A radical transformation which only took 40 minutes to complete and without all the mess and drama of reconstructing your fireplace. 

Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround

Yet to come is a few pounds of Copper Ruby Red Topper and interior lights to spotlight the fireplace when its not burning.

Rich Guerra custom fireplace surround

Our customer Gary Gibbs went to his local home store and bought an outdoor wood burning fire pit.  This was placed within a custom marble and brick encasing.  

We then helped him to successfully complete his conversion to propane.  Gary wanted something unique, so he got a stainless steel star burner instead of your traditional burner ring.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

The air mixer / valve on the left side had a custom aluminum face plate made to the same size of the existing brick - so to be as unobtrusive as possible once installed.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

Add some FireGlass and light to enjoy the beauty and superior warmth that you can only get with FireGlass.  

Notice the patio umbrella, which if placed at least 60" inches above the fire pit will further help keep the heat around the sitting area.

Gary Gibbs Gary Gibbs

This custom (#304) stainless steel box pan was designed to be set in the middle of a water feature.   

Custom Stainless Steel Box Pan Custom Stainless Steel Box Pan

To assure product longevity the entire pan was constructed of stainless steel even the brackets and fasteners.

Custom Stainless Steel Box Pan Custom Stainless Steel Box Pan

Custom Stainless Steel Box Pan

This project showcases several unique metal projects.  This first project took place at a boutique hotel in downtown San Diego.  We supplied and created the burners for this very large roof-deck patio fire pit.  

.72 burner 2 72 burner 3 72 burner 6

Here are a few photos of the installation process.  It measures 60" across, 30" tall and 144" long! The fire table/ fire pit will and a 5' x 12' surface top in smooth concrete with a 16" x 120" stainless steel fire tray of to one side.

ivy 4 ivy 5 ivy 6

And now for the finished product shots.

ivy 11 ivy 8
ivy 12 ivy 9

ivy 13


This is another large fire pit for the same hotel.  We actually built the metal frame for the fire pit.  We used a new flexible track and about 3,000 screws, 240' of galvanized channel, 450 welds, 600 lbs of GFRC/ Wonder Board and coated in smooth texture concrete.

sd 1 sd 2
sd 3 sd 7

This was just before delivery, dry fit.

sd 17 sd 18 sd 21
sd 19 sd 20

Once on the roof top the two halves were attached and the pan was installed. There were two burners and two controls installed.

sd 10 sd 12 sd 13

The glass is going in after the position of the fire table was adjusted. Pictures will be here soon! If you look at the walls of the roof top you can see most of San Diego.  The table now has had a different coat of colored concrete applied and a granite top. The glass that is installed is Starfire Base Glass. The Hotel plumber was not very careful as he mixed the lava with the glass and now it looks like salt and pepper. We will be taking a trip to San Diego to fix this mixing issue because we would like to post finished pictures of the fire table burning at night time.

ivy 3 ivy 1 ivy 2
ivy 10



Paul Hammels Portable Fire Table

Paul Hammel one of our clients from San Fransisco had a very particular design idea for a portable outdoor fire table.    Made of Corten Metal and fueled by natural gas this modern custom feature is both industrial and stylish. 

Paul Hammel Paul Hammel
Paul Hammel Paul Hammel

The Media used was Four 4" Dark Brown FireBalls Three 6" Dark Brown FireBalls and 1/4" Super Black Base Glass FireGlass.   

Paul Hammel

Steel Star Burner

Our newest line of burners are the star burners available in 12", 18" 24" and 30" in stainless steel and steel.  These are also made in custom sizes as well. If you dream it, we can make it! These can be made with a base or with out. The can be made for propane or natural gas.  Call To Order 909 989 6129

30" Star Burner

30 star 3 30 star 2 30 star 1



24" Star Burner

24 star 2 24 star 4


12" Star Burner

18 star 1 18 star 2


Custom Burner Sticks

The Sticks below are a pro-to type of 2 sets that are being installed in Nipomo California in the Trilogy project by Shea Homes (Pismo Beach). We will follow up with completed pictures as soon as we have time to post the finished project. There are several fireplaces which will also be all electronic ignition as well.

sticks 3 sticks 2 sticks 1

At the base of each burner there is a control valve to regulate the flow of fuel to the burner. The base will be covered with our black sand to conceal the valves.

Converted Fire Pits For the Cadillac Ranch on The Las Vegas Strip.

The Fire Pits/ Tables below are in Las Vegas Nevada. We built the stainless steel pans and corrals to protect the lighting on the outer edges of the pan. The glass that was used was:

V Blue Base Glass and V Blue Reflective Base Glass, Ford Blue Base Glass and Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass. The installation was done by Silver State Fireplaces of Las Vegas. 

Cadillac Ranch 5 Cadillac Ranch 4
Cadillac Ranch 3 Cadillac Ranch 2

Custom Aluminum Pit

We receive calls all the time inquiring about fire pit construction, and the answer is that as long as its metal we can!  The fire pit below was built to the customers specs. It was 48" round, 10" tall with 8" legs and constructed from 1/4" aluminum. Then powder coated to match the customers request. We will fill in the details as we go.

New York Fire  Pit 1 New York Fire Pit 2 New York Fire  Pit 3

Above you can see the cross grid to support the false bottom.  You can see the false bottom making it possible to fill it with a 2" fill over the ring.

New York Fire Pit 5
New York Fire Pit 6

A custom 42" stainless steel burner had to be built.

New York Fire  Pit 7 New York Fire  Pit 8

The center leg was for the gas and electrical for the electronic ignition.  Hopefully we will get pictures of the fire pit installed on top of the water fall in New York.

New York Fire  Pit 9

Stainless Steel Fireplace Surround

This fireplace surround  was a one piece construction face and a 4 piece construction on the rear. We used a twin-can laser on most if not all of our metal projects as this eliminates warp and keep the projects looking better. This was installed by Silver State Fireplaces in Las Vegas. We have given you several angles to show how nice the stainless steel turned out.

Flat Surround 1 Flat Surround 2  
Below you can see the .030 (1/16") edge is still perfect and straight for that  clean installation.

Flat Surround 3 Flat Surround 4 Flat Surround 5

HGTV's River Project
The project below is being featured on HGTV/ Yard Crashers/ DIY Network.  This is a gold mine and river project and as soon as they release the pictures of the project we will post those as well. But in the mean time here is our project we created for the DIY Network/ Big Table Media!  We started with Gold Base Glass on the two top gold pans.  The lower pan had a bed of Black Magic under the Gold base glass.

Gold Pan  Yard Crashers 1 Gold Pan  Yard Crashers 4
Gold Pan Yard Crashers 2

We were pumping water into the top pan so it would run down through the three pans and then pour back into the gold river Yard Crashers created. Only fire came from the two top pans.   We used three 16" gold pans for this project.

Gold Pan Yard Crashers 18 Gold Pan  Yard Crashers 9
Gold Pan  Yard Crashers 6
Gold Pan Yard Crashers 12

And here are some photos of the project finished.

Custom Fireplace Metal Pan

The stainless steel fireplace pan below was created by John Webber of San Diego, CA.  He created a card board mock-up  that guided us in properly building his custom design.   This is a great way to provide a preview of what is to come.

Our philosophy is "Your thoughts, My Hands!" we can build anything you desire. Here are some pictures of the pan next to the cardboard mock-up.

John Webber 8 John Webber 7

We are not showing the burners or the controls as everyone we build is different.

John Webber 5
John Webber 4

Above you see John Webber on the right. He was excited to see his model come to life.

John Webber 3 John Webber 1

John Webber

An Octagonal Fire Pit

These pictures were sent to us by our customer Sandee Visinti  who's unique shaped fire pit was constructed in stainless steel so that it could endure being outdoor by the beach.  The glass used was: V Blue Base GlassV Blue Reflective Base Glass, Aquamarine Blue Topper, Turquoise Blue Topper.

Sandee Visintin 1
Sandee Visintin 3

Sandee Visintin 4
Sandee Visintin 6
Sandee Visintin 7

If you look closely you can see the reflection of the glass top cover. Not a bad idea!

Sandee Visintin 5 Sandee Visintin 8

Here is what Sandee and Frank had to say:

Hi Ed,

We love our fire pit, and so does everyone else who sees it.  Your rock is gorgeous…

We keep a glass octagonal table top on it when not in use; the rock is always visible, even when used as simply a coffee table.

Thanks for your beautiful product and great service!!

Sandee and Frank Visintin

A Floor to Ceiling Brushed Aluminum Custom Fireplace Surround

The next few pictures were sent to us by Marsha Dashefsky from Palm Springs, California.  Marsha wanted us to build a custom floor-to-ceiling brushed aluminum fireplace surround.
These pictures were taken under different lighting conditions and with and without Flash.   The aluminum can take on various looks depending on the lighting.
  The fireplace used 1/4" Clear Base Glass and then we added 1/2" Clear Base Glass and 1/2" Starfire Base Glass

Marsha-Palm-Springs 8

Marsha-Palm-Springs 6
Marsha-Palm-Springs 7 Marsha-Palm-Springs 3




Water And Fire Feature

The next Water and Fire Feature can be made in any configuration, size or shape. We can install it in a table or leave it as a stand alone feature. What ever you like. This particular bowl is a spun aluminum 30" bowl with a 26" water ring and about 100 lbs of Multi Mix Base Glass. We added a few of our Terra Cotta Fire Balls in the center.

Water over Fire Water over Fire
Water over Fire Water over Fire
Water over Fire Water over Fire


Click "HERE" or on the picture to see what and how we made this project for the Fleur's!


"CLICK HERE" to see how it was made or "CLICK on the PICTURE" below

Fire Water Bowl

The next few pictures are from Steve Clendenen in Florida. Propane fireplace (burner pan next). He started with a basic cardboard mock up (very important) to get a preview. Here we go from start to end. we will later post the fireplace completed with the propane burner and glass installed.

Steve Clendenen

Yuk, yuk and YUK!

Steve Clendenen

I didn't particularly like the cardboard. we use full size sheets, but I guess it worked.

Steve Clendenen

Notice the corner post is missing? There are a few rules to remove these.

Steve Clendenen

Steve Clendenen

Do you see the difference? We create nice and wonderful looking fireplaces for you (and the world). We really enjoy building these custom fireplace surrounds.

Steve Clendenen

Lorraine Nazzareth

Click on the picture above or "HERE" to see the before and after pictures. Corten Steel Propane Fire Table.

 Joe LaBeau Fire Pit Ring

Joe La Beau Fire Pit Ring Feature

Click "HERE" or on the picture below to see how this started and finished, very simple and very nice

Ken Beauvais Fireplace

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Other Custom Projects of Interest

Tradewinds Fire Pit (click here)

Chuck Krallman Chuck Krallman

Dallas Fire & Water Fountain (click here)

Dallas Fire Water Feature Dallas Fire Water Feature

 Dave's Little Fire Table (click here)

Fireglass Fire Table Fireglass Fire Table

Fireplace Surrounds (click here)

ps 1 stacey 12

Dave Sutton Table (click here)

Dave Sutton 3 Dave Sutton 4

Fire Tables and Portable Fire Pits (click here)

Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature David Table 4

Dominick's Fire & Water Fountain (click here)

Fire Water Feature Fire Water Feature

Christy Collins Design in Chicago at the Dana Hotel at the Vertigo on the top floor!

Click Here to see the pictures!

Christy Collins Design

 Vertigo Sky Lounge

Larry Kraines Fireplace Surround

Larry Kraines Fireplace Surround

The next Wine Barrel Fire Pit was built be Shaun Ibe.

We supplied all of the parts, knowledge base and Shaun built one really nice Wine Barrel Fire pit! We will explain as we move forward

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit
Shaun used up all of his old corks to line the top with and then he had a piece of glass made to cover the corks. Be sure you have the top made with tempered glass! Teh glasss that was used was

1/4" Clear Base Glass

Platinum Base Glass

Gold Ruby Topper

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit

See the Wine Barrel Parts Page!

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit
We supply you with creativity, parts, support, imagination and give you license to be creative on your own, after all, that's what we do and who we are!


Jasmine Bals Modern Free Form Surround with Sterling Silver Panels and FireBalls!

Jasmine Bals Modern Fireplace Surround


Click below on the PICTURE to see the Cheryl Ward Surround!

Cheryl Ward Fireplace Surround


CLICK HERE" or on the pictures below to see what John Lehman did and how he built this table!
John Lehman Fire Table

Santa Monica Red O Restaurant (link to the restaurant)
Santa Monica Red O Restaurant

Click HERE or on the picture below to see all of the NorthStar pictures

North Star Vortex


We will show you how it came to life, CLICK on the picture below or HERE.

Colleen Clark Fire Table



Tom Nolan Windscreen


Tom Nolan Windscreen


CLICK HERE or on the pictures below to see how Knott's Berry Farm fire pit finished!
Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm



Click HERE to see how it was made, allong with Videos or on the pictures below:

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature


Click HERE or on the picture below to see how this was installed!

Rosanne Rosanne Bandana Surround Mantle
And what was used



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